Today we are talking about Fito Spr ay. Innovative product recently launched on the market in Italy and allows, if used according to the instructions, to eliminate sense of hunger and appetite, having a slimming effect on the body.

Slimming easily in a short time is the dream of every woman and man; but with so many commitments it is difficult to carry out constant physical activity to lose weight, as well as having a balanced and correct diet. For this reason, the help of Fito Spray (official site) is perfect for slimming.

It has recently been sold in Italy as well, but it has been very successful all over the world. In its own way revolutionized the world of dietary supplements and methods to lose weight.

Fito Spray is a fat burner that reduces the sense of hunger, loses pounds too much without much effort. All this is safe thanks to natural ingredients.

It's not the usual slimming pills but a spray spray sprayed in the mouth at the end of each meal, allowing you to slim up to 15Kg*!



Basically, it is therefore a natural supplement for slimming in the form of a slimming spray that is easy to take and that already from the first week of use allows you to lose even 4 kilos of weight, according to the manufacturer's site.

As mentioned, this innovative supplement, Fito Spray, works by nebulizing it in the mouth 2 or 4 times a day.

Continuing with your eating habits and without any particular physical effort, the beneficial effects on your body can already be appreciated from the first week of use.

Our advice, as with any slimming product that promises to slim quickly and lose pounds in a short time, is to combine in any case a balanced diet and a minimum of physical movement. Not only because it can help to dispose of the extra centimeters, but also because we know that movement is healthy for our body.

In any case, thanks to Fito Spray, the sense of hunger will be reduced inducing us to eat less without having to make too many sacrifices but at the same time we will feel more energy thanks to the substances that make up the spray. Green coffee, for example, gives energy and strength to the body.

The main basis of the composition of Fito Spray is L-Carnitine, an ingredient widely used to increase metabolism and burn fat, which is also very useful to decrease cholesterol levels and improve the fat assimilation process.

For this reason, Carnitine is considered one of the best fat burns in circulation that combined with the other ingredients listed below, make Fito Spray an excellent slimming product:

There are many testimonies from people who have used Fito Spray and who are said to be extremely satisfied with the results. Just look at a few photos to see why.

Result of one month! And it continues to lose weight. I purchased the product on the site! Thank you. Ortensia


Fito Spray is not located in a pharmacy but you can buy directly online on the official website or by clicking on the button below to access the exclusive offer that allows you to buy it with 50% discount at 39€.


If you are combing with foot fungi and/or nail mould and like to get rid of it, you are not the only one. It is estimated that 15% of the Dutch population suffers (serious) from foot mould and/or nail fungi.

Foot mould, also known as' tinea paedis' in the medical world and nail fungus also known as' onychomycose', are unfortunately common problems that can lead to the necessary inconveniences and affect the aesthetics of your feet.  It is therefore not surprising that many people are looking for a solution.

Fresh Fingers claims to be that solution. Fresh Fingers claims that their unique formula addresses the fungal cause at the roots and thus allows fungi feet and nails to recover. However, this product goes beyond the treatment of foot and nail mould. If you regularly have sweaty feet, this product could be a real result.

Beautiful promises, but are they really well-founded? We've dived deeper into this product to give you a better picture of it....

The formula promotes the ability of your body to prevent and cure foot and nail fungi. The composition of this formula directly addresses the infection that causes the fungus. Fresh Fingers functions twofold. The Fungistatic mould-foam components of Fresh Fingers inhibit the growth of a fungus or yeast. The Fungicide fungicidal resistance parts kill the mould or yeast.

By slowing down the growth of fungi and combating the remaining fungus (s) at the same time, you achieve a quicker and much better result than a product that does not slow down growth, but the fungus will continue to fight hard. Then you're actually going to be swatching with the tap open. By tackling the source cause, the growth of fungi, Fresh Fingers also creates a much more powerful starting position to fight fungus feet and nails.

The Fresh Fingers formula consists of the following components: Climabozle, Farnesol, Essential mint oil and Vitamin E. Each component of the file contributes to sweat and fungus-free feet and toe nails on an individual level. However, Fresh Fingers raises the interplay of these file components to a higher level, because the individual properties of each file component enhance the operation of the other file components. To give you an idea of how the file components work, we will briefly discuss them below.

Climbazole is a proven anti-fungal agent that is particularly effective in combating fungal growth. It has both a preventive and healing function. It inhibits the formation of mould and at the same time it combats the existing fungus. By slowing down the process of new fungus formation to stop completely, the existing fungus can be tackled considerably more easily. After all, it is much less strongly or no longer fed.

Farnesol is a colourless liquid that occurs naturally in jasmine, aniseed and rose oil. It has a delicious floral fragrance. Farnesol is also responsible for the refreshing fragrance that Fresh Fingers gives to your feet. The makers of Fresh Fingers, however, have hit two flies, because Farnesol not only has a wonderful fragrance, but also an antibacterial effect. All this makes Farnesol an excellent ingredient to get sweaty and dirty feet fresh and fruity again.

Essential oil also called Essential oil are aromatic fluids extracted from flowers, trees, carrots, bushes and seeds. These liquid fragments are vital for the plants to grow, live and protect themselves from insects, diseases and other external influences. Several studies have been carried out to show how beneficial essential oils are for the body. Because these oils are very expensive to extract, they are often only found in the top end of the range of care products. Essential mint oil ensures a delicious fresh fragrance and care of the feet. The essential mint oil is not an anti-fungal agent pur sang, but it is a very strong supplement to this formula for fresh, sweat and fungus-free feet and toenails.

Vitamin E is naturally the most common vitamin in your skin. Research has shown that many people have a (great) vitamin deficiency, which in turn affects your skin. Vitamin strengthens the (barrier of your) skin and enables nourishing ingredients to get deeper into your skin. The Climbazole and Farnesol are therefore better able to do their work thanks to the addition of Vitamin E.

Fresh Fingers has created a high quality natural formula that offers complete fungal control and care for the feet and nails. Climbazole is responsible for the control and prevention of fungus formation. In this regard